Я смотрю, как твою жизнь охватывают языки пламени, а ты готов чем угодно поклясться, что
хотел бы измениться, но вот луна медленно тонет в облаках, и ты снова там, откуда начинал,
тебе нечего сказать, нет ни доводов, ни аргументов, когда все сказано и сделано, сделано и
сказано, что может решить еще один день?

Аниме: Gate Jieitai Kanochi nite, Space Brothers, Jormungand, Black Lagoon, Durarara, Photo Kano, Prison School, Tokyo Ghoul, Toshokan Sensou, Zetsuen no Tempest, Steins;Gate, The SoulTaker, Kara no Kyoukai, Kekkai Sensen, Yoru no Yatterman, Yumekui Merry, Kamisama no Memochou, Zankyou no Terror, Blood-C: The Last Dark, Gyo, Tokyo ESP, Ga-Rei Zero, Grisaia no Kajitsu, Paranoia Agent.
Музыка: Mujuice - Every Day, Letter Box – Far The Days Come


Category: Retro

Текст, одна буква, одно слово, одно предложение, продолжаю. Крутится, она крутиться. Кто она? Цепь, цепочка, ожерелье, амулет, оберег. А ты бы мог и кататься. Далеко-далеко. В то место, где меня никогда не будет. Отдайся земле, расти семена, грибы, чеснок. Летом спелые персики, источая сладкий запах, манят прохожих, знает ли тот, дерево я специально покрыл пестицидами, не люблю прохожих. Неотличимые. Или же нет. Ничего не повторяется. Довольно бреда, пойду спать, рано вставать, середина недели.

Аниме: Outlaw Star (1998), Honneamise no Tsubasa (1987)
Музыка: Clark - Skyward Bruise/Descent

Echo of Life

A kid that loses his mother and is distraught but finds solace in playing music with a girl he met, who ends up having the same fate as him. He releases his emotions through his music as an attempt to deal with the inner turmoil he is experiencing.

Аниме: Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso
Музыка: Jason Walker - Echo
Награды: Anime Expo 2015 - Best Drama, Nan Desu Kan 2015 - Best Drama, Otakuthon 2015 - Best Drama, Kita-Kon 2015 - Best Drama, Anime World Expos 2015 - Audience Favorite


Комментарий авторов: Hey guys here is our first ever MEP, well the first MEP that we finished haha. This MEP is for Eden Team's 7th Stylize IC. For this MEP we decided to go with something simple so we went along with gangsters.

Аниме: Black Lagoon, Baccano, Gangsta, Cowboy Bebop, K Project, Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom, Jormungand, Canaan
Музыка: Dope DOD - What Happened(Tha Trickaz Remix), Nero Chord - Surface
Награды: 4th Place Overall Ranking, 3rd Place MEP Ranking 7th Stylize IC

When Anime Wasn't About Schoolgirls

Category: Retro

I've wanted to do a video like this with this song for the past 2 years but hadn't got to it... However, when I saw this contest had its own "retro" category, I was like "mate, no one makes a retro AMV better than myself" and so I staright away got this song and started. But also, in my head, the plan of this AMV (over the past 2 years) was much better. This isn't as good as I wanted it to be, because I rushed it and done it in 2 days, because I had only found out about this contest 2 days before the original deadline. Either way, I still kinda like it.

A compilation of action scenes and cyberpunk rock music is as old school as an AMV can get 8-)

Аниме: Akira (1988), Amon Saga (1986), Battle Angel Alita (1993), Berserk (1997), Black Jack (1996), Bubblegum Crash (1991), Cowboy Bebop (1998), Dark Myth (1990), Dragonball Z (1989), Detonator Orgun (1991), Fist of the North Star (1986), Ghost in the Shell (1995), Kaidohmaru (2001), Kite (1999), Land Lock (1996), Mobile Suit Gundam Wing (1995), Neon Genesis Evangelion (1995), New Gall Force (1991), Patlabor (1989), Perfect Blue (1997), Psychic Wars (1991), Ray Earth (1994), Sword For Truth (1990), Vampire Hunter D (1985), Vampire Wars (1990), Violence Jack (1986), Virus (1997), Yu Yu Hakusho (1992)
Музыка: The Mad Capsule Market - No Food, Drink or Smoking (2001)

Scrumtrulescent Smorgasbord

Комментарий автора:'s my first new vid for 2015. It's definitely not what I expected to edit this year, but it was so smooth to edit that it seemed I was destined to make this AMV. The idea for this video came about when I was reading through the synopsis for some new anime to watch and the concept of this show sounded too silly to be real. After watching it and seeing the insane animation of the eating scenes, Radical_Yue and I turned to one another and said "Someone needs to make a video to this show...using hardcore dubstep." I jokingly headed upstairs to my computer to look for a song, and no more than ten minutes later I had found a song. It was a perfect fit for the idea, so I watched the show and began editing. From the first hour I opened premiere, the sync and flow of this video came so smoothly that again, it felt like this video willed itself into existence through me. The end product was very fun and entertaining to edit. I swear to get back to making serious videos eventually...but these types of AMVs are just too fun to edit.
(Oh, and this is one of my favorite titles for an AMV I've made. If you don't know the definition of "Scrumtrulescent", then please look it up on urban dictionary and have a laugh.)
Thanks to all my studio mates, friends, and audience members who gave me such great support when premiering the video at NDK 2015. I hope that everyone enjoys the awkward fun that is this AMV!

Аниме: Koufuku Graffiti
Музыка: Duelle & CiRRO - Your Addiction (Culture Code Remix)
Награды: Best Fun/Upbeat at Nan Desu Kan 2015


This is 60 fps anime where every new frame is a new "drawing", this was achieved with frame interpolation using the Twixtor Plugin for After Effects CS6 after removing the repeated frames manually. Figment means "something that someone believes to be real but that exists only in their imagination." The reason I used it as the title for the video is because the video is in part about chaos and the inability to manage what's currently going on, so in a way it is the process of trying to fix the chaos of a distorted reality that's currently going on in the brain.

It's 100% After Effects CS6. After Effects CS6 plugins I used for this video: Twixtor, Video Copilot - Optical Flares, Video Copilot - Twitch, Magic Bullet Looks, Trapcode Shine, ReelSmart Motion Blur

Аниме: Akira, Bakemonogatari, Evangelion 2.22 You Can (Not) Advance, Evangelion 3.33 You Can (Not) Advance, Karas, Monogatari Second Season, Nekomonogatari (Kuro), Nisemonogatari, Perfect Blue, Shigurui
Музыка: Cryptex - Slay It, Kraddy - Heart Anthem (Cryptex Remix)

Oh Be A Fine Girl Kiss Me

Got another video up in here. Got a lotta downloads for you. If your PC is weak, take the 720p version. If you got a high resolution monitor, pick the 1440p version. Otherwise there's a 1080p version. Every version is 60 fps. Special thanks to Skypalu/Rivurivu/Eodynn (pick one) for helping with the audio in this one. Also thanks to him and EllipseIris, Centurione and Lapskaus for betatesting.
The music is from the original soundtrack from the video game "Mirror's Edge" and was made by Solar Fields.
One part of the music (starts at 4:00) was not included in the official soundtrack, so I ripped this part from the game with this tool. Thanks for creating it, Rick.
The video footage was recorded from the PC game Elite: Dangerous (it's also available for XBone now). I recorded it with fraps at 1440p 60fps. To save space, some scenes were recorded at 5 or 10 fps and then later interpolated to 60fps in the final video.

Аниме: Elite: Dangerous
Музыка: Solar Fields - Shard
Награды: Best Video Game Video at NDK 2015

Outta My Mind

Category: Retro

Perfect Blue (1998)
ABBA - Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (1979)

Она любит танцевать, она любит петь и так каждый день. У нее все получается, молодая и успешная. Сильная и независимая женщина.

Аниме: Perfect Blue
Музыка: ABBA - Gimme

Praise the War

More Action! More Strikes! More Blessing! Just one amv. Just one moment...Ну или что-то в этом роде... наверное...
Track 1 Domius, Track 2 Orbit, Track 3 AntaresHeart07, Track 4 Diegao, Track 5 Kyros, Track 6 Yusuke, Outro: Yusuke

Аниме: Guilty Crown (TV), Hajime No Ippo: The Fighting! - Rising (TV), Magi - The Labyrinth Of Magic (TV), Neon Genesis Evangelion 2.22 - You Can [Not] Advance (Movie), Neon Genesis Evangelion: 1.11 You Are [Not] Alone (Movie), Shingeki No Bahamut, Toriko - Bishokushin No Special Menu
Музыка: Papa Roach - Warriors